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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lugh - My Patron God

   After a lot of thought and self-exploration, I have decided upon Lugh as my patron God.  As Danu is my patron Goddess, I feel the two work well together as both are key members of the Tuatha De Danann.

According to Celtic mythology, Lugh (whom we celebrate at Lughnasadh) was a god of many talents.  It is said that when he attempted to enter Tara the guard stops him and tells him that only one individual with each skill will be allowed to enter (bard, harp player, blacksmith, etc.).  Lugh went through the list of all of his accomplishments and talents but after each skill he was denied entry because Tara already had someone that possessed the same skill.  When Lugh asked the Gatekeeper if anyone inside had all of the skills combined he was gained entry.

His story resonates with me and I feel inspired when looking at the picture to the left.  I feel a sense of completeness now that I have identified my patron deities and can put names to "God" and "Goddess."

Celtic Mythology, like most mythologies of world cultures, is very interesting.  I encourage you to look into some myths of every culture.  You might be surprised at the similarities you will find.

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